Should Your Training Use An MMA Grappling Dummy?

On the chance that you are an aspiring MMA fighter, you will require a great deal of training to perfect the art. Without proper training, you won’t have the ability to withstand the skills of your rivals and you could be knocked out easily during a fight.

MMA training isn’t a simple assignment as you are required to have a partner with whom you can enhance your moves, improve your stamina and upgrade your performance. This implies the training procedure would include genuine fighting; though, there is a method to train without having a partner.

You can use an MMA grappling dummy in the stead of a real partner. The grappling dummy is built to help you to practice your combat moves and can additionally help you in turning into a professional. The following are some benefits of using an MMA grappling dummy:

Amplifies Your Combat Skills                   

The dummy assists you in practicing armbars, arm triangles, sweeps, triangle chokes, omoplatas, leg locks and many other moves. Practicing these on a regular basis assists you in mastering these techniques and professionally executing them.

No Fear of Causing Damage to Your Partner

Participating in combat sports is intense and even practice sessions are prone to disastrous results. When training with real people, you will have to exercise great care to avoid causing damage to your partner. With the MMA grappling dummy, you will be able to easily practice the most vicious moves without fear of causing injury.

Practice Can Take Place Practically Anywhere and at Anytime

Since you are not dealing with a human being and there is no need to coordinate schedules, you can overcome those hurdles and train on your own timing. One of the greatest features of the MMA grappling dummy is that you are free to train just about anywhere and at any time you want.

Revert to Original Position

A key benefit of the MMA grappling dummy is that after each step, it does not have to be set to its original position.

Individuals who are not familiar with training dummies commonly believe that they are all the same. However, they could not have been more incorrect in this belief. MMA grappling dummies have been designed and created with a range of characteristics. This makes them obviously distinct from one another. In addition, the designs of the dummies make them appropriate for different kinds of combat training. The MMA grappling dummy is also ideal for mobility and positional drills.


During the selection process, the dead weight of the dummy should be taken into account. In contrast to picking up a teammate, the dummy feels heavier and is more difficult to perform take-downs and throw it around. A number of owners recommend that the listed weight of the dummy be multiplied by 2. This will give you a better idea of how heavy it will feel when in use.


A dummy made out of durable material will be more resistant to deterioration and will be able to endure being used repeatedly.


An MMA grappling dummy with limbs enables you to practice joint locks and other methods of submission. Additionally, some dummies are clothed in a Judo or Jiu Jitsu (gi) uniform, which is remarkable for practicing particular gi techniques.

Final Thoughts

If you are competitive by nature and you have an overwhelming desire to be among the best MMA fighters, you should think about buying an MMA grappling dummy. This will allow you to invest more time into drilling movements required to master certain techniques. The dummies are remarkable for throws on and practice drills.

With the growing popularity of BJJ, wrestling and other forms of martial arts, the MMA grappling dummy is a great invention for current and aspiring fighters. However, it should be noted that the dummy is not designed to replace actual training partners. They should only be used to supplement your training and keep your progress and development.

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