Knock Out Your Opponents With UFC Official Gloves

Long gone are the days when gentlemen stood looking at one another before a fight… When men removed their gloves and slapped each other across the face in disrespect. Fighting and “dueling” have come a long way since then, and so has the attire. While it is no longer couth to walk up to someone and bitch slap them into submitting to a fighting contest, it is appropriate to show up in the right gear. Nothing says, “I’m a warrior champion and you’re going to submit,” than rocking up to a match in none other than UFC Official Gloves.

Why UFC Official Gloves?

UFC Official Gloves are the only approved gloves to be worn in the Octagon by UFC Officials. Ultimate Fighting Championships have cornered the market with an exceptional glove that provides wearers with maximum dexterity, flexibility, padding, and strength. It’s the best glove and only hand equipment worn by the trainers as well as the professionals. And the only glove allowed in the octagonal ring.

Made with durable, but light weight, 100% genuine leather, these all black UFC Official gloves are perfect for showing your opponent that you are in the ring for business. They weigh 4 to 6 ounces depending on what size. The Velcro wrist strap provides extra support and to avoid injury to your wrist. The curved fingers on the gloves help keep your hands locked in the fist to cuff position. There is back of the hand support that runs from the knuckle to wrist so that you can still feel secure. With extra padding throughout, UFC Official Gloves are made for keeping your hands as free from incident and injury as possible.

What makes them different?

These are nothing like your grandpa’s old boxing gloves. UFC Official Gloves are designed is back of the hand support that runs from the knuckle to wrist so that you can still feel secure. As mentioned above, the contoured finger positioning built into the design of the glove helps add maximum agility to the fighter. An open-faced palm allows for breathability and makes gripping and grasping still a possibility. The wrist strap is completely adjustable, providing as much support and comfort as possible in a fighting glove.

The extra thick padding will protect your hand and fingers while still projecting power onto your opponent. The UFC Gloves are packed with ¾ inch padding. The gloves come tight at first, but once they are broken in after a few days, they fit comfortably when making a fist. Impact absorbing foam within the glove provides supreme protection for your hand and your opponent’s body. The UFC Official Gloves are built to provide you with the ability to have as much motion as possible.

What are UFC Official Gloves made of?UFC Official Gloves

The 100% genuine leather used in UFC Official Gloves gives them the strongest but lightest durability out there. The gloves come in a beautiful shade of midnight shiny black with the Ultimate Fighting Championships logo in lustrous white. A bold blood red color offers up the message “Official Fight Glove” on the outer wrist of the glove. Overall, UFC Official Gloves are not just practical, they are an attractive fighting glove for either sex.

Specifically designed for the Octagon, the UFC Official Gloves are made with little to no seams. The smooth finish helps prevent cuts and scrapes. The locked-in, curved fingers reduce overall hand and finger fatigue. All the seams for the entire glove are on the inside of the palm, further reducing scraping to yourself or opponent. The design matches the natural ergonomic contours of our knuckles.

Not yet convinced that UFC Official Gloves are right for you?

This is the piece of equipment that is being used in all competitions. Wearers don’t necessarily have to use hand tape or hand wraps when wearing the UFC Official Gloves. Tested and approved by the Mixed Martial Arts Association, UFC Official Gloves are perfect for training and usage in the octagon.

UFC Official Gloves come strongly recommended. If your intention is to eventually get into the octagon, you’ll have to own a pair of these. A big bang for your buck, UFC Official Gloves can be purchased for under $100 US and are the best rated, most used glove in the UFC. Long lasting, extra strength gloves will guarantee your able to challenge someone else to a duel in the future without messing up your weapons.

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