Multifunctional fitness stations are the versatile fitness equipment’s meant for home training of various parts like arms, torso, leg muscles, chest, calves and quads. Multi-gym is the versatile and flexible piece of fitness equipment that allows you to carry out a variety of exercises on a single device. Multifunctional fitness stations once belonged to only high-end fitness centers, health clubs but it may now be availed for home purpose as well. The complete workout machine or equipment may be used for different exercises in order to tone the parts of your body. So, if you do not feel fit, you may now create your own fitness studio at your residence with such stations. Thus, you may exercise whenever you get time. With the station, you may exercise bench press, pull-ups, dips, squats and various other exercises with the dumbbells. Let us now check out the top 3 multifunctional fitness stations that are selling the most in the market.

The Body Solid G6B Bi-angular multipurpose exercise station

The Body Solid G6B Bi-angular multipurpose exercise stationBody Solid G6B is being rated as the best buy when compared to all the competitions. This bi-angular multi gym has a great look and feel and forms an essential part of gyms and health settings. The device is ultra durable and is fantastically designed much unlike the other cumbersome multifunctional fitness stations belonging to the past. Having the much advanced gym technology, the mechanism is much different from simple pressing motion here. You gain the optimal range of motion which is pretty much natural with the Bi-angular press arm when you apply resistance from the two different directions. Featuring smooth, multi-directional resistance system, the device is easy to operate and automatically facilitates more muscle interaction by simply eliminating your ability to rest the chest muscles. You enjoy a complete range of movement patterns through the convergent, safe, multi-plane and multi-joint patterns to improve the exercise intensity. If you wish to exercise at home but love to feel free weights right at your home then this multipurpose gym station is for you.

When you check the Body Solid G6B much closely, you will notice protective shrouds upon the weight stack along with ergonomically designed seats to accommodate users of differing weights or body sizes. With the station, one can increase or decrease the weight which is pulled. The G6B bi-angular fitness station has twelve fitness stations to help you replace 12 machines found commonly in the conventional circuit training. A user is supposed to make just a few adjustments and thus transform the machine into varied configurations. Such configurations permit you to target the major muscle groups even in the simple workout routine. This machine may change intuitively, easily and quickly to help you avoid fiddling with the adjustments. Thus, the machine is time saving where one needs to just change the configuration and move ahead.

In the entire fitness industry, the Body Solid G6B Bi-angular multipurpose comes with the best warranty. So, from the G6B bi-angular, you may expect to get years of trouble free service. The product is having a high rating on the leading shopping sites much to the delight of those looking to purchase it.

Bi-Angular facilitates 6 stations, namely, Bi-Angular Press Arms, Lat Pulldown or High Pulley Station, Ab Crunch or Mid Pulley Station, Perfect Pec Station, Leg Extension or Leg Curl Station, Seated Row or Low Pulley Station, Allow Weight Stack powered by 210 lbs. Among these, the Perfect Pec Station comes with swivel arms that are designed for both bilateral and unilateral movement to facilitate maximum stretching. This in turn stretches and tones the arms and also permits upper body development. You will find here dual cam design featuring variable resistance to permit your arms to operate independently. On the other hand, the Pop Pin adjustable seat may be elevated to facilitate proper alignment of elbows and shoulders.

The product is very nice exercise equipment according to the buyers. It is given 5 out of 5 stars by the buyers on Amazon so this shows how well the equipment is regarded.

A complete home gym workout with Physionics Multi-Functional Home Gym Workout Fitness Station

Physionics Weight Bench Multi-Functional Set 40 kg Weight Plates Home Gym Workout Fitness StationPeople love to buy a multi-gym like Physionics Weight Bench Multi-Functional Set as it delivers tremendously different kinds of workouts in the easy-to-configure, simple and compact machine. Those fitness freaks who wish to workout at home, for them the choice is great. Those people who are concerned about their body shape and body fitness but lack time to hit the gyms, they may go for Physionics Home Gym which is a fabulous solution. The complete workout machine allows you to exercise comprehensively and workout different parts of the body. It can tone the body parts and is featured excellently. It has an adjustable weight capacity of 300 pounds and is ultra durable, ideal for exercising the back, shoulders, chest, calves and the biceps. This is the unique 300lbs home gym that features a heavy gauge making or construction to improve its life span. With this exercise machine or multifunction station, one can indulge in 22 kinds of workouts on the single machine.

The 40 kg Weight Plates Home Gym Workout Fitness Station permits one to target different muscular groups of the body for a complete toning. Featuring the adjustable bench, you may easily tilt the bench in various directions. In fact, its angles are professionally designed to ensure great workout without causing any strain on the muscles. It features heavy gauge pipes, fittings to allow one to do various presses. Carrying the large leg roll, the component offers a great stability to the user. Indeed, the weight stacks provided along with it are easier to operate. Featuring the loop cable management system, the wires are always out of your way.

Some of the unique features of Physionics Weight Bench Multi-Functional Set encompass heavy and sturdy gauge construction, the loop cable management system, ultra-comfortable and cozy foam leg rolls, impressive weight stocks, easy-to-operate weight stacks. The space saving machine allows you to do 30 different kinds of exercises and offers perfect angles for an apt workout of different muscles for utmost toning. The equipment takes very little floor space and is just perfect if you are short of space. The presence of shin pads offers complete support and comfort to the user. This can be the best bet for you as the product is priced reasonably by the manufacturers.

Klarfit The Ultimate Gym 5000 for the best body workout at home

Klarfit The Ultimate Gym 5000 for the best body workout at homeA multifunctional station is the kind of modular station which allows you to work out each and every muscle from varied angles to facilitate a complete muscular development. The Ultimate Gym 5000 is another compact and easy-to-operate highly recognized multifunctional fitness station featuring bi-angular press arm generating 25% more of muscles interaction for best workout results. It has the 4-position press arm, having multi-position handles designed ergonomically. For the full range of motion, you can use leg extension featuring pivoting roller that allows you to feel the quad being worked out. There is also articulating functional and synchronized training arms that extend from the user’s upper abs to the side-accessed workouts. Featuring the gas assist telescoping back rest and telescoping seat with various position cushion, the machine ensures maximum comfort and allows the users to adjust the angles in multiple positions. While one checks out The Ultimate Gym 5000 much closely, one can find pre-cabled accessory attachments and points to enable one to configure the machine in a unique manner as per the fitness goals or routine demands.

Klarfit is being recognized all throughout the world as the leader in strength training exercise equipments and home gyms. As per the recent survey, around 7 million individuals are enjoying the results of strength training exercises in the everyday life. The very designing of the machine is such that it fits different lifestyles, user sizes and also the varied space needs. In the designing of The Ultimate Gym of multifunctional fitness stations, the brand raises the bar for a high-end single home stack gyms meant specifically for the homes. It utilizes oversized and rugged oval shaped steel tubing. With the unique and compact fitness station, one can combine both functional and traditional training routine. The modular design allows an individual to build or define the best home gym as per the use and preference. So, at the end the user accomplishes his fitness goals with the superior home gym.

So, from the above three multifunctional fitness stations, you may choose anyone as per the features, specs, price and functionality. Buy the one which is space saving, easy to use, functional, durable and highly adjustable. The device must facilitate excellent muscle development and utmost chest concentration. One must be able to enjoy diverse and intensive workout for utmost results. The multifunctional exercise station offers the complete body workout and may train upper and lower body parts. Before making any purchase, check out the reviews to avoid the after-purchase regrets. The top 3 multifunctional fitness stations permit a plethora of workout regimes. Being transferrable, you may move the device from one place to another. The station must be safe enough to help you avoid injuries. You need to learn how to use them since they comprise of complex parts and components. Read the user manual and the manufacturer’s guide closely. Apart from these, have a look at the warranty period.