Are you someone looking to strengthen your arm, chest, back, and core muscles? Are you trying to become a healthier person? Installing a wall mounted pull up bar is all one needs to satisfy these fitness goals. To find the best wall mounted pull up bars, one should know that there are only two key types:

  1. Ultimate wall mount pull up bar

  2. Stud pull up bar wall mount

Here are the top 5 wall mount pull up bars that are available on the market and are considered best to use:

1) Ultimate body press wall mount pull up bar

Ultimate-Body-Press-Wall-Mounted-Doorway-Pull-Up-BarThis is one of the highest rated pull up bars that is available for a cheap price. Its has 18 inches of clearance support and offers the best performance as compared to its competitors. The bar has four different grip positions which proves extremely useful for different users. Different grips can be used for various workouts. The package contains hardware, a manual, tech support, and the mounting template.





2) Titan fitness wall mounted pull up bars cross fit training fitness heavy duty

This is another pull up bar that is wall mounted and can support a maximum weight of 500 lbs. It can be installed horizontally or vertically depending on the user’s needs. The problem however is that the package does not come with the mounting hardware. The length of the bar is 53”. The coating of the bar is matte black so it never becomes slippery unlike other chrome or glossy coated bars.




3) Klarfit KS1W Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

This is the best fit pull up bar that can be used by amateurs. The size of the bar is 32” wide and 12” in height. The bar is very strong but there are few problems in some of the bars because they seem crude and need welding to become perfect. Another drawback of this pull up bar is that it does not come with the mounting hardware which needs to be bought separately. The installation is very easy but the vertical plates are placed too close to each other, thereby limiting the weight the pull up bar can handle. It is guaranteed that the bar can handle up to 300 lbs.



4) We R Sports® Wall Mounted Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar

This is one of the top rated pull up bars that is wall mounted and can withstand up to 800lbs. The bar is coated with additional coating to prevent the bar from rusting, hence it can be mounted indoors or outdoors. The length of the bar is 48”. It has various grip positions to use for different workouts. This pull up bar is strong, durable, and versatile.



5) RDX Heavy Gym Iron Fitness Chin Pull Up Bar

The RDX Heavy Gym pull up bar is one of the cheapest bars available in the market. It has multiple grip positions that can be used to strengthen various muscles of the body. It is mainly designed for use in the home gym and is ideal for doing push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, and crunches. The non-slippery coating gives extra comfort for the pull up bar. It is easy to carry and can fit into any kind of wall frame. The pull up bar can be attached either using screws or without screws as well. It is also easy to move the pull up bar from one location to another. This bar is mainly suited for beginners and children.