Finding the time to work out is a struggle for most people. Whether they can’t afford a gym membership, don’t have the time, or don’t feel like going out of their way to visit a gym on a regular basis, the excuses seem far more abundant than the results. A common solution to this would be to invest in a home gym, however, not everyone has enough room for equipment. Luckily, for those who are looking to burn fat while building muscle and increasing metabolism, there is a way. Treadmills have been around for a long time and for a good reason. This single piece of equipment can transform your body in ways that you never imagined. The best part is that you can use treadmills in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to squeeze in a quick jog or to leisurely walk as you watch television. Either way, you will be making progress in achieving the body you’ve always wanted.

Often times, choosing the best home treadmill can be the tricky part. Below are the top five best treadmills for the home. This way, you can easily choose which one you prefer, order it, and become one step closer to your dream body.

1. Confidence Gtr Power Pro Motorised Treadmill

For a lot of people, this is the best home treadmill on the market. This piece of equipment is mainly preferred for its affordable price. However, it does boast other functions such as an adjustable incline and a LED display for heart rate monitoring, speed, distance, and calorie tracking. One of the other reasons why so many people prefer this treadmill is for storage purposes. This treadmill is lightweight and easily folds for storage under beds and in closets. Simply bring it out when you want to use it, and put it away when you have guests.

2. Olympic DK-19 Inclined Lubricating Endeavour Motorised Folding Treadmill

This may be one of the best treadmills for the home when it comes to beginners. This treadmill is especially perfect for those who need more weight support. It is quite sturdy and more durable than the last one. Although it has a smaller screen, other features that it has to offer make up for that. You can monitor your heart rate and other levels by using the pulse sensitive handles. It even has a dual layered running board and six levels of shock absorption which will make the transition into a healthy life easier on your joints. Once you start gaining momentum and want your resistance to increase, simply adjust the incline. This machine will also fold for easy storage; however it does not fold completely flat. More storage space may be required for this treadmill, but it is also one of the best home treadmills for those who may just be starting out on their weight loss journey.

3. JTX Slim Line: FLAT FOLDING TREADMILL. Compact, Motorised Treadmill with Digital Incline


While this treadmill may be more expensive, it has many more features that accompany it, making it one of the best treadmills for the home that money can buy. The sleek design of this treadmill and its ability to fold completely flat makes it more appealing for home use. Storage is easy since this slim machine can fit nearly anywhere once folded. For the experienced runner, the options on this machine make it the best treadmill for home use, since it offers a level of resistance that you cannot even find when running outside. This treadmill allows you to choose from 15 levels of incline and will maximize your workout with a top speed of 14 kilometers per hour. You’ll be sure to burn your fat away without risking your joints thanks to the 8 point suspension system that is built into the running board. The built in speaker system will allow you to lose yourself in your workout and enjoy the time you spend on this high quality machine.

4. Sportstech F10 treadmill with Smartphone App Control


Most people believe that in order for a machine to receive the title for the best treadmill for home use, it needs to be high tech. For all of the tech lovers out there, this treadmill will not disappoint. Its sleek design has all of the basics that you want in a treadmill such as wider side treads, folding capability, and even wheels for easy transport. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Using only your smart phone, you can control almost every feature on this machine including music, access to your training history, and tips on how to achieve your current training goals. The running board was designed to be quieter than ever before, making it safe to use even when everyone else is asleep. One of the most attractive features about this machine is the high tech display system that shows you more than just your workout statistics. This treadmill also comes with a free pulse belt, allowing you to maximize your workout without having to pay the additional price.

5. JLL S300 digital treadmill


This final treadmill is the best home treadmill for those who want the technology to work for maximizing their results, rather their enjoyment of the workout. You will never get bored of your workout with this treadmill since it offers 15 workout programs with the ability to customize your workouts to best suit your needs. The 16 point shock absorption system is perfect for the most dedicated runners who don’t want their joints to pay the price. This machine also allows you to train at a faster pace than any other treadmill on our list with a maximum speed of 16 kilometers per hour. Speakers and a USB port are available for those who like to enjoy music while on their run. While most of the treadmills on our list are capable of folding flat for storage, this one goes the extra mile by adding a hydraulic arm that allows you to unfold the machine safely, so that you can get on with your workout immediately.


It’s tough to say which one of these machines is definitively the best treadmill for home since they each offer a different set of features that are specific to each stage of your fitness journey. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend and are simply looking for a basic treadmill to train with, then the first one would be perfect for you. Beginners would prefer the second treadmill on the list while more experienced runners are able to gain more benefits from the third. People who like to enjoy their workout rather than thinking of it as a chore are more likely to enjoy the fourth treadmill since it offers more bells and whistles than any of the others. Marathon and long distance runners, as well as athletes who consistently want to be able to train from the comfort of their own home will greatly benefit from the last treadmill on our list. No matter which one best suits your fitness level, there truly is something for everyone. It doesn’t matter where you are on your fitness journey, as long as you start somewhere.