Are You Looking For The Best MMA Gloves?

As someone that is aspiring to be an MMA fighter, you realize that having the best MMA gloves is basic to your safety and performance. It’s imperative for you as an MMA fighter to have many sets of MMA gloves, one for each of the major areas of training. You should coordinate your gloves to your training exercises very well. MMA sparring gloves replacement for competition gloves. Much the same as competition gloves won’t be the best option for your standard MMA sparring.

The best MMA gloves give hand, wrist, and finger protection, while leaving your hands and fingers free and mobile. The best MMA gloves must be durable and comfortable to avoid injuries while training. Some gloves are quite adaptable in their use, simply know about the pros and cons of each style of glove before utilizing them.

In this guide we review the best MMA gloves on the market, to help your decision making. When buying your gloves, remember that you are purchasing an essential piece of gear, thus go for top quality always.

Important factors in picking MMA gloves

The following are the important factors you should take a look at when buying your MMA gloves.


Average weight of MMA sparring gloves is around 7 ounces. As focus is more on striking and punching, most of the padding is around the top and front of the gloves.


MMA training gloves are also known by other names such as bag gloves, grappling gloves and Hybrid gloves. These gloves consists of segmented fingers where padding is till the second knuckle. Such design allows finger to have free movement for grappling needs, while maintaining the required level of protection.


Competition gloves generally weigh a lot less than sparring gloves because they have minimum padding. The average weight of these gloves is around 4 ounces depending on the rules of the fight. The fingers are kept separated that allow freedom of movement. It is much easier for MMA fighter to hold on to their opponents wearing these type of gloves. As the gloves don’t have enough padding they are worn with appropriate hand wraps to provide some sort of protection for the hands and opponent.

Top Products Reviews

Below we reviewed 5 of the best MMA gloves available in the market right now.



RDX F12 Training Gloves

These well designed MMA grappling gloves were engineered for martial arts! bursting with shock-absorbent tech for more training, sparring and fighting purposes. Heavy padding-over-knuckles under Maya hide leather with an inner-grip hose offers better punching form to provide a well-balanced, highly durable, and affordable pair of MMA gloves that will increase your output in the gym, or in the cage tenfold.


Venum Challenger MMA Gloves

The Venum Challenger MMA gloves are light and handmade, perfect for beginners and advanced users. These MMA gloves are designed in Thailand, but made elsewhere in Asia. Instead of Skintex leather, you get an outer glove made with Polyurethane (PU) leather. The Challenger gloves are built with layers of high density foam padding, just like the Attacks.

The PU leather construction offers an increased durability for a high performance use. The high density foam delivers an enhanced shock absorption, protecting your hands extending your training sessions. Great gloves with no compromise on quality, offering exceptional value for all levels.


Everlast MMA Grappling Gloves 

Everlast MMA grappling gloves are good for someone just getting into grappling training for MMA. You can take out all the punishment on a lower cost glove and not worry about really wrecking them. These grappling gloves are simply designed, with a large foam pad covering the majority of the hand and fingers, but does not have any thumb protection. The palm is open but has a cross piece that helps to keep the gloves in the proper position. There are only two sizes to choose from, Small/Medium and Large/XL, so choose carefully, particularly if you wear hand wraps.



UFC Official Gloves

What list of MMA fight gloves would be complete without the official fight glove of the king daddy in MMA sports? These are the real deal, actual 4 ounce gloves worn by the fighters in UFC bouts. If you have your sights set on fighting in the Octagon someday, it’s in your best interest to get familiar with the official gloves. These gloves are both open palmed and open thumbed for the most freedom and dexterity during grappling. Like all the best MMA gloves, the UFC Official Gloves are multi-layered and have pre-formed curves for shock absorption and comfort during your fights and training sessions.



RDX Cow Hide Leather MMA Grappling Gel Gloves 

Welcome to the big time when it comes to MMA gloves.  The RDX Cow Hide Leather Gel Tech MMA Gloves leave no stone unturned.  As any boxer or MMA fighter will tell you there is just no substitute for genuine full grain leather gloves.  The feel and responsiveness is simply second to none.  The RDX Cow Hide Gloves have the highest quality padding out of all the gloves on our list, and even include comprehensive padding for each individual finger.  The inside has a mesh lining for enhanced breathability, and a grip bar works great for striking sessions on the heavy bag.  The wrist strap on these gloves is pretty standard and does not offer anything that the other gloves on our list don’t.


If you are a member of a gym, talk to other members and coaches to learn if there are any guidelines for weights. It can actually be considered rude to spar with 14 ounce gloves if that isn’t the norm in the gym.

When in doubt, go for quality in your gloves. It’s better to buy a high quality glove that lasts than having to replace cheap MMA gloves due to premature wear. Buying the best MMA gloves you can afford is a good investment to your training, and will last you months and years.  Now that you have the gloves covered, you should learn more about some of the other basic MMA equipment you should have to get started.