Watch The Best MMA Fights Of All Times

Mixed martial arts have been very popular over the years as people are always watching big competitive events between some of the hottest names in the field. The best MMA fights are especially the ones that entail talented contenders who are skilled in many disciplines coming out and giving their best against one another. Such fights are still talked about to this day for how the contenders involved gave it their all and worked hard to show off their great skills.

Our listing of some of the best MMA fights ever shows exactly what mixed martial arts is all about to anyone who is interested. Each fight shows just how intense and tough MMA contenders are and the many things they do when competing. These fights even ended in different ways but they are all still shining examples of just how strong and distinct each of these fighters are.

Rua vs. Henderson

In 2011, Dan Henderson took on Mauricio Rua in an intense light heavyweight bout. The competition was intense as it entailed the two getting into several striking positions. Strong boxing and taekwondo influences could be found throughout the entire fight. But soon after, Henderson took control of the bout and got Rua down onto the floor in a series of tough grappling positions.

Henderson won a unanimous decision although it was an extremely close event. The bout was heralded as being one of the most intense fights in MMA history with the two continuing to contend and stay strong even as they were all bloodied up by the end. The two continued to contend for years after the fight.

Griffin vs. Bonnar

In 2005, Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar contended in a light heavyweight bout as a part of the finale of the first edition of the Ultimate Fighter, a competition where people contend to earn UFC contracts. The two were extremely competitive as Bonnar had a Muay Thai clutch in the middle of the second round while Griffith failed to get a takedown. But Griffith responded in the third round with his own clutch while keeping Bonnar from being mobile.

Griffith ended up having the momentum at the end as he won by decision. His strong jabbing skills and his stronger ability to keep a clutch intact gave him the advantage. The two both ended up getting UFC contracts thanks to the impressive and distinct skills that they illustrated during the match.

Lawler vs. MacDonald 2

One of the most iconic fights in UFC history came in 2015 when Robbie Lawler defended his welterweight title against Rory MacDonald. The two contenders were extremely energetic and ready to take each other on. MacDonald developed intense swelling around his eyes and nose as he was constantly subjected to several head jabs. Lawler was not invincible as he was hit by several intense jabs all the way through. It got to where Lawler spewed out lots of blood from his mouth after the fourth round ended.

It took just one jab to MacDonald’s face for Lawler to take him out in just one minute in the fifth round. MacDonald could not contend any further as Lawler got the knockout in a fight that shows just how intense MMA fighters can be. Even as he was struggling and looked to be almost worn out, Robbie Lawler had one final burst of energy in him. It was enough to give him the ultimate victory. Interestingly enough, Lawler was so spent from that fight that he has not competed all the much since that bout took place.

Silva vs. Sonnen

The 2010 fight between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen was an intriguing match as there had been controversy over Silva’s actions inside the octagon in recent fights. But the competition between the two fighters was very intense. The two placed a strong focus on ground combat as the two were contending to try and see who could get on top. Both focused on tough jabs and attacks at the start but the main goal was to see who could get the other into a tight lock first.

The two were trading many locks together but no one was able to really come clear and get the best of the other fighter. The two kept on punching one another even as they were on the ground with the intention of trying to weaken one opponent.

Silva took control of the match at the end with a triangle choke near the end of the match. It ended up being a hold that Sonnen could not escape from, thus prompting him to tap out to give Silva the victory by submission.

Edgar vs. Maynard II

The last of the best MMA fights to see was in 2011 when Frankie Edgar defended his lightweight belt against Gray Maynard in their second match against one another. The match was highlighted by numerous judo throws as the two traded spots throughout the match. The throws were especially strong with each contender landing on his back while being placed in tough positions that they would have to defend themselves in. The intense and rough style of the competition made for something intense and thrilling to see.

The two were rough and hard during the entire bout as they traded blows and throws. Edgar won in the end with a knockout in the late part of the fourth round. The competition showed that throws can be important to any competition as they can wear even the best contender out. But in the end, it was Edgar who had the strength to finish up the bout and get on top.

All of these best MMA fights show just how strong and powerful competitors in the sport can be. Be sure to look into finding MMA gyms near me to get your training started so you can get on the path to mastering many forms of martial arts just like what some of these great fighters in their competitive events have done. The thrill of MMA is clearly alive as you have seen through these fights.