What Are The Best Martial Arts For Kids?

Teaching your kids mixed martial arts at an early age is a great idea. MMA classes help kids to not only become and stay fit but to also teach them how to make decisions. Children who learn MMA are more confident and learn virtues such as discipline, patience and respect for others. Those who study martial arts have a better sense of control over them and can make wise decisions for their benefit and the benefit of others alike. So it is important to find the best martial arts for kids to get the most of these benefits.

But what is mixed martial arts? It is a form of competition where people utilize various martial art styles in a combat setting. It involves a mix of standing, clinching and ground combat in one setting. The all-around nature of MMA makes it a popular activity for kids to learn.

Today you can get online for finding MMA gyms near me to get your training started. But when looking for an MMA school for your kids, you have to think about the particular style of combat that you want your kids to learn. The best martial arts for kids come in many forms and deserve to be explored.

best martial arts for kids-karateKarate

Karate is a prominent form of martial arts that focuses on striking and quick response times. This includes working on reflexes and knowing how to identify one’s surroundings. The hands and feet are prominently used in karate to create a more entertaining approach.

This form of martial arts focuses on concentration and balance. Much of this involves being focused and cautious with what one might be doing. Many schools that teach karate focus on how it can improve one’s focus and self-attitude. It especially does well with improving upon a child’s concentrate.

The act of breaking boards while training is a clear example of how important concentration is. The action involves keeping a cautious focus on the boards while exerting all of one’s effort and energy into the process of actually breaking them.

Anyone looking to study karate would have to warm up well. Karate works best for kids who are capable of preparing their bodies well enough. The practice involves knowing how to be cautious and ready for any kind of attack that might come along.

best martial arts for kids-taekwondo


Taekwondo is a popular Korean style of martial arts that is very well-rounded. It entails a focus on kicks and punches and even entails throws. It is a great style that concentrates on versatility and the ability to make good decisions in as little time as possible. The strong work that comes with taekwondo makes it a good type of competitive style of fighting to get into.

It is also great for children who are looking to get fit. The all-around nature of this martial art makes it one that requires all parts of the body to be healthy.

Breathing and meditation exercises are also utilized in taekwondo. This helps with creating a better sense of focus on and control on one’s body. When used well enough, it produces a better sense of focus in any practitioner.

best martial arts for kids-judoJudo

Judo is an intriguing style of combat that focuses heavily on throws. It is a mostly defensive style where the practitioner has to anticipate what another person is doing. The main point about judo involves knowing how to respond to a person’s movements and finding ways to take advantage of one’s actions in competition.

Judo focuses on controlling the other person’s body weight. This includes knowing how to manage that person’s weight after blocking or countering an attack. The goal is to get a person pinned down well.

This is a great martial art for children who want to learn how to be more defensive. This is also ideal for teaching kids about how to observe details and how to prepare for all kinds of attacks that might come about. The effort involved with judo is strong but it can be worthwhile if one’s responses to attacks are planned right.

The best virtue taught by this martial art is that of self-control. It teaches kids on how to manage a competitor in a respectful manner. This prevents bullying or other abusive acts.

best martial arts for kids-brazilian jiu jitsuBrazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is popular for how it concentrates on ground combat and grappling. It is about knowing how to limit a person’s mobility and to force submissions.

This style focuses on coordination as it entails working with one’s body to manage proper grapples and handles. It also entails defensive moves as it helps kids learn about how to avoid certain grapples or attacks.

Cooperation is also a key part of BJJ to look into. During the training process, a student learns how to move along with the other grappling partner in terms of completing the right physical moves. This is with the intention of being a better contender without being rough or otherwise hard to bear with.


Aikido is a similar grappling martial art but it is a gentler and softer form. It focuses on knowing how to grapple an opponent while disarming that person. Various throws and joint locks are the focus on this martial art. Aikido especially involves knowing how to keep a person who is defended against from being injured.

This martial art also concentrates on focus and awareness. It is about being able to defend oneself and knowing how to disarm a person, particularly someone who might have a weapon. The action entails knowing how a person is going to attack and what can be done to stop that person. It is a little lighter in intensity but it can be a very effective martial art when someone learns how to use it the right way.


Look at all of these options when finding the best martial arts for kids. These are good choices for competition that are fun and have their own unique features. All of them are great but be certain you look at what your kids are interested in and what they want to get out of a martial art before signing them up for classes.