Whether you want to build muscle or lose weight and stay in shape, a quality dip station should be your first choice of equipment. These stations are a key equipment for your home gym, and can also be found easily in public gyms. A dip station is an essential workout accessory that is simple, small and does not pose any dangers.

Dippers are extremely beneficial to your daily workout schedule. However, various dip station brands and models come with different features. This makes the process of purchasing one difficult, especially when the buyer is a beginner who does not know the key features to look for when shopping for a dip station. In this article, we’ve reviewed the top five dip stations to help you make a more informed choice.

1. C.P. Sports Dip Station with Loops Dipper Station

C.P. Sports is a leader in manufacturing high quality exercise accessories for homes and gyms.

This equipment consists of a dip stand, sling trainer and dip bars, which makes it an ideal home training device for dips, leg lifts, pull ups and push ups.

This device is solid enough to provide stability during exercising and has protective rubber sleeves for comfort. In fact, with this dipper at your disposal, you do not need to worry about the different body types of your family members since it is ideal for people of all heights and build.

This versatile dipper is strong and stable to serve you and your family safely for decades.

2. Gym Master DIP STATION

Forget about the common station machines in the market that will not serve you for long; the Gym Master is your ultimate dipping stand. It is built from scratch and corrosion resistant metal to live the test of thorough workouts over time.

It comes at an affordable price and provides remarkable versatility for exercising abdomen, arm, leg, back and chest muscles. This means that you can have a complete workout in a single machine.

This dipping machine has a comfortable structure to support people of different heights and build, as well as padded grip handles to increase comfort. The Gym Master Dip Station is an absolute fit for garage, professional and home gyms.

3. Body Solid Dip Station

Body Solid is renowned for producing high quality gym and sports accessories. It has a solid and durable construction with remarkably oversized diameter dipping bars, as well as slip proof rubber grips to provide amazing comfort and allow multiple hand positions.

If you intend to purchase a nonslip station then the Solid Body is your ultimate option. It is stable and works best for those who want to build thicker delts, awesome shoulders and magnificent triceps.

The Solid Body Dip Station does not take a lot of your space, which is ideal for homes and small commercial gyms where free space might be limited. This equipment is the ideal workout station to help you build muscles and ensure that you stay in shape.

4. Barbarian Adjustable Parallel Bars

The new and improved Barbarian Adjustable Parallel Bars are made specifically to accommodate a variety of moves and body sizes. This makes it possible to use them for dips, chin ups, push ups and weighted dips.

Featuring unique flat feet and heavy duty tubing this device is strong and stable; which presents no problems for the user, even during weighted dips exercises. It is an ideal combination of gymnastic bars, parallettes, crossfit and a dip machine.

Users can also adjust their body weights appropriately to provide resistance. The dip bar works the chest, arms, back and core muscles. This makes it an important piece of equipment for building the triceps, pectorals, dips and deltoids.

5. tinkertonk Dip Station Stand

Tinkertonk must be credited with producing what could arguably be the best dip station today. The high-quality, brand-new freestanding enables a wide range of intense upper body workouts. Its versatility is ideal for upper limbs, back and neck. It is also effective for shoulders, delts and triceps without necessarily using weights.

This dip station stand is ideal for both home and commercial gyms due to its compact size and stability. It has a wonderful design for all users as well as four non-slip rubber feet.

The stand is easy to set up and has a weight capacity of up to 300 kg to accommodate tall and heavy people. In addition, the tinkertonk device is a durable piece of equipment made from heavy duty iron tube.


In conclusion, these accessories can immensely improve your daily workouts. It gives you the ability to perform dips, pull ups, knee raises, chin ups and push ups through a single piece of equipment. In general, the equipment helps you to work the pectorals, back, lats, and shoulder muscles.

The dippers can be one of the most important gym accessories. The above dippers are some of the best in the market, and you have the chance to make the choice. All in all, it is important to consider versatility, safety, comfort and durability when looking for an ideal dip station.